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Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions were last updated on June 30, 2017.
Our website is owned by Just2Have B.V and is operated by Renaissance LLC. 
This User Agreement applies to your use of this website and the services we provide. We reserve the right, at any time and without further notice, to modify, expand or remove any part of the terms and conditions for this website. If we do, the changes will be published on this page and we will indicate this at the top of the page dating when the terms were last changed. If you continue to use the website after these changes, this means that you accept the new terms and conditions of the website. 
It is your responsibility to regularly check the website for changes to the terms and conditions and to make any necessary changes accordingly. Please accept these terms and conditions because it is important for you and us to understand our contractual relationship with your use of our website and the services we provide. 
You are requested to tick a box to indicate that you agree to the terms on the checkout page. 
Disputes are settled under the bylaws enforced at the location of Just2Have's headquarters.
1.1. All products available for sale are described on their specific product page on our website. We always try to describe each product's attributes as accurately as possible with photos and text provided by designers, suppliers, or manufacturers.
1.2. Our policy is based on continuous product development, so we may deliver you the best design at the best price. We therefore reserve the right to change product specifications, prices, packages, and associated services at any time and without notice. Before ordering, we ask that you carefully review the product description and features. Products are carefully chosen to provide you with the best available product, but each product is different and you should be fully familiar with it.
1.3. We will do our utmost to provide you with the best possible pictures and descriptions. However, we may not guarantee that the colors and details of the images on the website are completely natural. Dimensions are also listed in some cases.
Even if this is not mentioned, you must assemble certain products yourself.

2.1. The products shown on our website are for sale during a specific sales period, which is clearly stated on the product page. However, because we want to offer you the best product range, it may be that frequently asked products remain longer available.
2.2. Thanks to our very specific manufacturing-to-order model, most products may also be ordered after the end of the sales period. Purchased products are manufactured after the order has been placed and after the sales period has expired. That's our unique way to offer you the best price for the best design.
2.3. If an order expires or, for some reason, may not be posted at the factory (too little interest and orders, problems during the manufacturing process, quality control issues or other quality or manufacturing issues) we will do your best to to inform. Should the manufacturer decide that he may not make a specific product according to local quality standards, we will remove the product from our website as soon as possible. If you ordered that product, you will be notified via e-mail. Your order will then be mayceled and your money will be fully refunded.

3. Prices:
3.1. All prices are in Euro (€) and must be paid in Euro (€), together with VAT and any other taxes. Delivery costs in the Netherlands and special or extra costs are not included. These additional charges will be added to the billing before you make payment and will appear on the order confirmation page. We reserve the right to change prices at any time without notice.
3.2. We do our best to provide the best prices for each specific product. The comparison prices refer to market prices that are tested for identical or similar items. It is only estimated prices, which are always dependent on the raw materials used, the attention paid to the finishing of the products, the sales location and other factors.
Contact us for any questions or comments.

4.1. Your order is for us an offer to purchase a product that we have accepted at the time you receive a confirmation by email. All products within the same order that we have not confirmed in an order confirmation by email are not part of the contract. Under no circumstances may the company be held liable for special losses arising from the specific circumstances of the customer, for indirect or additional losses or for loss of profits, property damage or unprofitable costs.
4.2. Orders are placed and received online only and processed byJust2Have B.V
4.3. Before you order products with us, you must check that you may fully receive it. You should, inter alia, check whether the ordered product may be brought in the desired room and fit into the room, whether it may go through the front door of your apartment or room, whether it may be transported up any stairs and through other doorways, and if any other issues exist which will make the delivery more complicated or impossible. We absolutely need your mobile phone number and email address to deliver your order.
4.4. All information requested on the checkout page must be filled in accurately and completely. If an item may not be delivered because you entered an incorrect delivery address or phone number, we are not responsible for it. All additional costs caused by delivery or missed delivery issues will be added to your invoice.
4.5. You may maycel your order within 14 days of our confirmation. Maycellations of goods purchased exclusively through our website....
We base our delivery costs on the size and weight of what you buy.

5.1. At the time the order is made, 25% deposit will be charged to your debit card or credit card. The remaining 75% with the additional costs (such as transport) must be credited for the shipment of the goods.
5.2. A credit card and other required information are required to pay. Orders may only be paid via iDeal, a PayPal account or credit card issued by one of the companies on the payment page.
5.3. The sale will be sent for processing as soon as you click the "Confirm" button. You will then receive an e-mail to confirm the purchase and availability of the product. The expected delivery date is also stated in that message.
5.4. We may at our sole discretion refuse to process a transaction or perform a service. We may not be held liable by you or third parties if we refuse to process or resume a transaction, or suspend them after the transaction has begun.

6.1. We deliver everywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. We are currently also delivering in Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
6.2. Delivery times may vary per ordered product. Due to our on-demand production model, you should count on an average delivery time of 8 to 14 weeks. Delivery time is also influenced by the number of orders and availability of vehicles. This is no more than an average estimate: some deliveries may take longer or shorter amounts of time. All estimates at the time of order and confirmation may be changed. We always do our best to contact you and provide you with all the changes. 
6.3. Depending on the weight, dimensions and quantities of the ordered item, we may rely on different transport companies and services to deliver your order. In certain cases, especially in the case of medium and large items, we provide a service for which the transport company will contact you to settle a delivery date. 
We base our delivery costs on the size and the Weight of the furniture you bought.
The parties declare to have agreed as follows: 
By placing a purchase order on the website, the buyer authorizes and assigns toJust2Have B.V, pursuant to Article 5, paragraph 2, the first section of the Community Customs Code (Regulation No. 2913/92/EC), to make the declarations prescribed in the customs legislation - and as far as possible from other legislation - in the name and on behalf of the buyer, to fulfill all required formalities including payment of customs duties, other import duties, charges having equivalent effect, taxes and other charges and penalties as well as possible customs duties, other import duties, charges having equivalent effect, taxes and other charges and penalties. This authorization and the contract are valid for the goods shipped on behalf of the buyer and for which shipment (s) for which the shopper provides the information toJust2Have B.V. This authorization and assignment includes all transactions and communications until termination of verification and in connection with the issuance of the customs debt notification.
Just2Have B.V is entitled to make the execution of this agreement / authorization by a third party (customs agent).
8.1 If you find that content on our site: (A) infringes your rights or rights of a third party to which you are affiliated; Or (b) otherwise does not comply with the publication rules, please contact us using the report option next to a response to the site.
8.2 If you want to report a comment as a report, please provide us with the following information: (A) your name and contact details; And (b) a short statement indicating whether the response: (A) infringes upon your rights; (B) infringes upon the rights of a third party to which you are affiliated; Or (c) otherwise does not comply with the publication rules.
8.3 We will then take action in a way that we consider necessary, depending on the nature of the violation. This may also mean that we do not take action if we believe that the publication rules are not infringed. We are not required to inform you about the follow-up on our actions regarding your report.

We are the licensee of all intellectual property rights on our site and all content. All of this content is covered by copyright, all rights reserved. We give you permission to visit our website for personal purposes. Other use of our site or content is not permitted. This prohibition implies: (A) use our content for commercial purposes; (B) reproduction of the Made name, logo, trademarks or content available on our website; (C) download or copy content from our website to yourself or third parties. If you want to use any content or material from our website, please contact customer
9.1. Gift cards may only be bought online on our website. You may send the gift card by e-mail to the beneficiary on a pre-selected date. However, you may also print the gift card. If you want to resend or print the gift card, please visit my account on our website.
9.2. The gift certificates are valid for one year from the date of issue and may not be renewed.
9.3. On each transaction, no more than one gift card or discount code may be applied. This includes all promotional codes and offers.
9.4. The value of the transaction is deducted from the total value of the gift voucher. The balance may be used for future transactions. There are no mandatory minimum expenses and the gift voucher may be used for any purchase, including delivery costs.
9.5. Gift certificates may be purchased in a fixed amount of € 25 to € 200.
Contact us  for further assistance if you are having trouble redeeming your gift card or having questions.
10.1. If you want to contact with our customer service, you may do so via our online form, send an email or call: +31 644294732
 We are ready to help you!
11.1. We are committed to providing you the best products at the best price. We sincerely hope that you will be satisfied with the product you ordered on our website. If this is not the case, follow the instructions below to return the product.
11.2. If you want to return a product for any reason, you must (1) warn our customer service via Contact us and pass the order number and (2) briefly explain why you want to return the product and all State what you consider important. We usually reply to emails within two business days. Customer service then contacts you to settle a pick-up date and explain all required procedures.
12.1. We ask you to check that the delivered products have arrived in perfect condition before you sign the delivery slip. Therefore, upon receipt, you must open and check the order. If you are not satisfied with the goods at this time, please mention this on the delivery note and contact us as soon as possible. Make sure all items and items of items are free from damage before you mount them.
12.2. If the delivered item does not match your order, is damaged or incorrectly delivered, please contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment about refund, repair or replacement. We also ask you to send us some photos of the damage so that we know better what steps we should take. If your complaint is well-founded, we will collect the item via our transport service, which we will arrange with you. We also ask that you keep the item after delivery at your home until it is retrieved because it may need to be returned to the manufacturer. Add your order details to the items to be returned because we need to process the return shipment. After receipt, the items are checked. Next, Customer Service will contact you to make an appointment for replacement or full refund.
12.3. With regard to unwanted goods, if you change your mind for any reason and wish to return your purchase, you must notify us within 14 working days of receipt by contacting our customer service via Contact us.
12.4. If you change your mind about a product ordered exclusively through our website and return the delivered item, you must notify us within 14 working days of receipt and take care of the time of return. You will be fully refunded the amount paid for the item. The collection costs for the return shipment will be charged to you: € 20 for small items, € 40 for medium items and € 80 for large items. After you have informed us of the unwanted item, we will collect it by our courier service, which will shortly afterwards reach a collection date. You may also choose to send packages under 30kg and dimensions below 120cm (width + length = max. 120cm) to us. The costs for this are: € 8 for packages from 0 to 5kg, € 11 for packages from 5 to 10kg, € 14 for packages from 10 to 15kg, € 17 for packages from 15 to 20kg and € 20 for packages from 20 to 30kg. Read more about the return of products.

12.5. For security reasons, we may only repay using the same payment method used for the original order. The overview below shows you how long it will take.
12.6. As a consumer in the EU, you may use the EU-based Online Dispute Settlement Platform, which allows you to appeal for alternative dispute resolutions on issues or complaints with products or services that you have purchased online. Visit the platform at:

The following terms and conditions apply to your general use of our website:
13.1. Access to our website is only permitted on a temporary basis. We reserve the right to withdraw or modify the service provided on our website without notice (see below). We are not liable if our website is unavailable for some reason or at any time. From time to time we may limit access to certain parts of the website or to the entire website to our registered users. You are responsible for taking all measures to access our website. You must also ensure that all persons who visit our website via your internet connection know and comply with these terms and conditions.
13.2. We are the owner or licensee of all intellectual property rights on our website and, with the exception of our user content (for which we are licensed), the material published on the website. These works are protected by copyright and worldwide agreements. All these rights are reserved. You may print one copy for personal use and download portions of pages from our website. Furthermore, you may promote the material published on our website to others within your organization. You may not change the content of the printed or downloaded material in any way, and may not use the illustrations, photographs, videos, audio sequences and other graphic material without the prior written authorization. Our status (and those of other listed contributors) as the author of the material on the website should always be mentioned. You may not use any part of the material on our website for commercial purposes without first obtaining a license from us or our licensors. If you print, copy or download any part of our website, which violates these Terms of Use, your use of our website expires immediately and, at our discretion, you must return or destroy any copies of the material immediately.
13.3. Comments and other material published on our website are not intended as a final advice that can be trusted. Therefore, we disclaim all liability and responsibility arising out of trust that visitors to our website or others who have been informed about the content thereof have stated.
13.4. We strive to update our website on a regular basis and may change the content at any time. If necessary, we may suspend access to our website or permanently close the website. All material on our website may be obsolete at any time and we are under no obligation to update this material.
13.5. The material displayed on the website is provided without warranties, terms or conditions regarding its accuracy. To the extent permitted by law, we explicitly conclude the other members of our business group and our affiliated third parties:

- All terms and conditions, warranties and other provisions that may otherwise be implied by statutory provisions, common law or equity law.
- All liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages or any other damages suffered by the user in connection with our website or in connection with the use, the impossibility of use or the results of using our website, linked websites and published material including, without limitation, all liability for: loss of income or revenue; loss of business; loss of profits or contracts; loss of foreseen savings; data loss; loss of goodwill; Waste of management or office time; And any other loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, regardless of whether they are caused by unlawful acts (including neglect), breach of contract or otherwise, even if it was predictable.
- This does not affect our liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence on our part or our liability for fraud or misrepresentation with respect to fundamental aspects or any other liability that may not be ruled out. Or limited under applicable legislation.
13.6. You may not use our website improperly by introducing intentional viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs or other malicious or technically harmful things. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to our website, the server on which our website is stored, or any other server, computer or database associated with our website. You may not attack our website with a denial of service attack or a distributed denial of service attack.
13.7. If you violate this provision, you commit a criminal offense under the 1990 Computer Misuse Act (computer abuse law). We report such violations to the relevant law enforcement authorities and work with them by communicating your identity to them. In case of such an infringement, your right of use for the website is immediately withdrawn.
13.8. We are not liable for any loss or damage caused by distributed denial of service attacks, viruses or other harmful things that may infect your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material as a result of your use of our website, or because of our website or associated websites have downloaded material published on it.
13.9. You may make a link to our homepage, provided you do it in a fair, legal manner, does not damage our reputation and you do not benefit from it. You may not present a link in such a way that it suggests any form of association, approval or endorsement on its own, if that is not the case.
13.10. You may not make links to websites that you do not own. Our website may not be included in a frame on another website and you may only link to the homepage of our website. We reserve the right to withdraw permission for placing a link without notice. The website you make the link must comply with our content standards in all respects.
Contact us  if you want to use material on our website in a different way than explained above.
Where our website contains links to other sites and resources provided by third parties, these links are for your information purposes only. We do not affect those other sites or sources, and do not accept any responsibility for any losses or damages arising from your use.
However, we reserve the right to initiate proceedings against you in your country of residence or in any other relevant country in violation of these Terms. Under these terms of use, Dutch law applies.